Jay Ridgewell is a Science Communicator

  At a glance: Jay Ridgewell, B.App.Sc (Biochemistry), BEd (Primary), GradDip (Science Communication) Currently teaching English and Science to primary school students in Germany   Jay is one of those special people with a knack for communicating science in an engaging way. She’s worked in teaching and science communication, and has been lucky enough to … Continue reading Jay Ridgewell is a Science Communicator

Kristen Fernandes Makes Biodiversity Soup

  At a glance: Kristen Fernandes, BSc (Environmental Biology) BA (Professional Writing and Publishing) Current BSc Hons student studying the application of DNA metabarcoding to mine site restoration   I first met Kristen in a writing class about three years ago. The lecturer was excited to have us both in the same room; the only … Continue reading Kristen Fernandes Makes Biodiversity Soup